Kid playing with legoHave you always wondered what your little one is doing at the kindergarten? What kind of milestones should they be achieving with each passing month? Getting an appointment with your child’s teacher may take some time or perhaps it isn’t encouraged until your child is perhaps falling behind.

We got some tips from this childcare, a Kindergarten in deception bay, and they gave us the following awesome teachers tips for parents hoping to have their children excel both academically and socially.

Make reading into a habit

Everyone loves listening to stories. Your kindergartener would love to as well. Even the ones who are the naughtiest and hardly ever sit down can’t resist the lure of a well told story. This is a good habit, one which will instill the love of reading in your child. Reading develops a relation of love and trust between you and your child. When they see their teacher trying to read to them at school, they will develop a fascination with reading.

Develop in them a love for music and singing

Singing and listening to music is one way in which children can learn faster. They can tap into their inner musician and grasp key concepts with relative ease. Having a musically inclined child is a gift in itself. Make sure you tap into this side of their creativity.

Help children become independent

Teaching responsibility from a young age helps your child to become confidant in every kind of situation they might come across. Five or six year olds love taking responsibility. They enjoy when they get things done on their own. The key is to keep encouraging children. Appreciate their efforts but make sure to keep setting the bar higher so they learn by doing.

These days’ teachers encourage children to carry out a winding up routine once they have played with their toys and puzzles. Keep teaching this at home and soon you would see your child become a responsible little individual.

Encourage them to play

Even if it means getting their hands dirty, allow children to enjoy their playtime. Encourage the use of crayons, modeling clay and paints. Let children create things. Help them make things with legos. Spend time with your children; you would be surprised what these little individuals can teach you about life and enjoying it.

Hold conversations at home

Parents who talk to their children have confidant children. A well developed speech and vocabulary helps children express themselves clearly. Raising kids bilingual is a great way to ensure cognitive development. If you can make sure your child learns a different language. Children have a mind which is like a sponge and which absorbs all information with ease.

Get involved with your child at school

If there are story telling sessions for kids at school, you can volunteer to tell a story. Just make sure you let your child know that you would be coming to tell the story to everyone and not just them. When your child sees you interacting with their peers, he or she would learn to do so themselves. Children learn by doing. Practicing what you preach helps them get the message loud and clear.