How do you become a journeyman

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Commercial buildings are structures that are huge and more complex than domestic structures or houses. Therefore, the electrical wiring systems needed too are complex and significant as well. So, commercial electricians Melbourne are called upon to help for those commercial complexes which are in the Melbourne area.

These commercial electricians Melbourne work on the needs of the tenants including not only the electrical needs but the heating, ventilation as well as the cooling needs. The installation, maintenance and up gradation of these systems require expertise and so for a person to go through the entire apprenticeship route  he or she needs to take the following steps:

  1. They should graduate either from high school or GED. This should include a year of algebra as this is a requirement for an electrician.
  2. The state department’s labor department needs to be contacted for apprenticeship programs for commercial electricians in the area. Either this is done by the state or a trade union or even an individual employer.
  3. The person needs to work with the contractor or the firm full time for a total period of 4 years and 2000 hours of on the job training are needed for each year.
  4. The classroom instructions are needed to be fulfilled as per the requirements of the state. Normally it consists of 144 hours of instruction for a calendar year. This is normally delivered in one month during the winter time when there is not much construction going on.
  5. The state’s journeyman’s examination is to be attempted and passed. This consists of multiple choice questions to check the knowledge levels with regards the electrical theory, the tools, materials and workplace safety. Also, this the local building codes are tested as well.
  6. The candidate then is given the status of a journeyman and has to renew this annually.


The other method of going through the process is:

  1. Earning the GED or high school diploma with at least a year of algebra being part of the course. Computer skills are an added advantage though not a necessity.
  2. A commercial electrician program is to be enrolled in. This could be at a vocational college or a community college. This could be for less than a year but may include residential as well or else industrial electrician training.
  3. The training program once completed, has to be passed, and entry into the apprenticeship program is then to be applied for. This provides paid employment full time with an employer, and the candidate is expected to perform commercial electrical work. This is the role of commercial electricians Melbourne wide. The school helps with finding placement.
  4. 2000 hours per calendar year need to be worked and the apprenticeship program lasts four years but some states give some credit to those that have graduated from formal training schools.
  5. Based on the state, further classroom instruction of around 144 hours need to be taken per calendar year
  6. The state’s journeyman’s examination needs to be passed.

This is how one can become a journeyman and a journeyman is entitled to be a supervisor for the work undertaken by electrical workers or apprentices.