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In this short article, we shall discuss some of the things that happen on your first driving lesson plus what you are expected to do. There are certain things your driving instructor wants from you.

If you have booked for a driving lesson and an instructor, they should arrange a pick up point for you. This could be your house, college, or workplace.

Your performance with driving instructors

Some driving instructors will ask you to come with a provisional driving licence. This happens during your first driving lesson. The aim is simple; they want to be sure you have the legal requirements to drive. The following Melbourne driving instructors website is a great place to learn how to drive. Their driving teachers are some of the best in Victoria by a long shot.

The success of your driving lesson depends mainly on your dedication, the professionalism of the instructor, the area you are learning the driving skills, as well as how long the driving lesson will last.

Your first encounter with the instructor

Once the instructor picks you at the designated area, he / she will meet and greet you, check your provisional driving licence, ask you to sit in the passenger seat and then take you where you will learn your first driving lesson. Usually, they will either take you to an open field or a quiet residential street.

Driving lesson plan

On your way to the starting area, the driving instructor may give you driving lesson plan. The plan will give you details of what to do; the terms and conditions of driving. You are expected to master these essential driving tips.

The Cockpit Drill

First driving lesson involves the cockpit drill; this gives you a comprehensive detail of the car controls and safety procedures, how to operate them, plus the meaning of various levers and pedals.

The instructor will explain the cockpit drill to you. The book may have some diagrams- this will help you to understand the principles of driving very well.

The instructor may take 30 minutes or 1 hour to explain the cockpit drill. After this, he / she may ask you few questions.

These questions help the instructor to know if you really understand the key points. Once he / she is sure you understand all these, they will now move to the next level.

If there is anything you don’t understand, make sure you ask the instructor to rephrase your mind about it. On your first driving lesson, you may be taught the followings:

Driving & stopping the car

After teaching you the basic skills, the instructor may ask you to drive the car for two hours. This will be done under a direct supervision of the instructor.

Your performance on the first driving lesson will tell the instructor whether you have assimilated the cockpit drill or not.

Before you start to drive the car, the instructor will tell you the process of starting and stopping the car. The instructor will explain the following to you:

At the end of the driving lesson, the instructor will tell you how he / she feels about your driving, and also what they will like to expect in your next driving lesson.

Both of you will now fix a date that will be suitable for you for next driving lesson. Some instructors provide report booklet- this keeps record of all the progress you have made in each driving lesson.